Bathtub Floor Tents | Why They are Needed?

New camper might be confuse with the term bathtub floor but experts will describe it a base of a tent. It isn’t confusing but important for you to know a bit about it. Popular activity such as camping that everyone prefer yet, many people are unaware with the term bathtub. Tents are temporary shelter to guard us from rain and sunshine overall. It protects in unfavorable environment and a bathtub tent is important in this situation. It keeps you and your kids safe inside the tent during heavy rain or wind.

BathTub Floor Tents

Additionally, main reason is to provide water protection therefore, before buying you are required to know all following factor to make a best pick. So, let’s discuss briefly. Initially, older tents don’t use bathtub floor, the base and the side walls were only a thin material hold up with ropes and wooden poles. As tents have developed with many features than ever before their floor and walls also grew up to protect tents and to keep water out during rain. Besides, new tent’s floors are with advance technology to keep inner tent in good condition.

Necessity of Bathtub Floors

A tent bathtub is a thick waterproof material that is curved upward at edges and attached with walls to form a bathtub structure. Main theme of this structure is to aggressively guard the tent against water. Possibly, when rain water accumulate around your tent and runs down inside your tent through the tiny holes can spoil your gear if it lacks bathtub floor. Because bathtub floor rise up on sides and their seams are thermally sealed that eliminates water leakage inside. In short, you wouldn’t face any water seepage inside the tent and there will be no need to put extra floor sheet underside the tent.

Bathtub Floor Tent Tent with bathtub floor

Indeed, it is optional and depends on your wants as always, comfort and safety of tent is crucial but still it is not strictly required. Yet if a bathtub tent is needed-make sure to avoid slops and depressions while pitching your tent on campsite. Additionally, you can go for a bathtub with perception that backpacking or car camper always don’t have more options for gear on the journey.

Likewise, bathtub tents can cause condensation if your tent lacks proper ventilation. Since it is impervious and in case of water leakage some moisture may puddles on the sides of bathtub floor which then can cause a big problem. Therefore, choose a bathtub tent with proper ventilation system. Besides, bathtub tents are heavy yet great for car camping but will add up ounces for backpackers.

Here, a bathtub provides favorable environment in the tent it keeps all stuff clean and wouldn’t let in dirt, water or any other pollutants inside. Besides you will find a comfortable floor to sleep or lay on and it give you a pleasant camping trip. Hence check its waterproof rating.

Bathtub Floor Material

Usually, Bathtub are constructed with various materials but plastic is commonly used. Customizing polyethylene with plastic through welding technology ensures the floor strength. It is usually framed to be heavier and thicker than walls so that tent can stand sturdy that’s why many family tents are heavy.

Thickness Rating

As thickness of bathtub floor of a tent varies from one brand to another brand. Hence, it is necessary to ensure thickness rating of bathtub and floor padding should be good enough while purchasing. Higher the thickness rating means durable the floor is. Similarly, the floor must guarantee waterproof rating as it guarantees tent fabric. All these go hand in hand so always be sure about floor waterproof and thickness rating are satisfactory when buying your specific tent. Normally ideal thickness rates 1000mm or 2000mm which means the floor is robust for this reason floor can also makes the tent heavier.

Final Words

Finally, a bathtub ensure protection against rain and give us a clean hygienic atmosphere inside the tent. This is a solo reason of bathtub but it is important to know why it is necessary for your tent. A quality bathtub floor is essential while purchasing it must be worthy of your every penny. Although many bathtubs are available in market of different material yet it is important to see their ratings how much they are durable. So, before you get one read all above information so that you can get best.


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