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Camping in wild areas encounter a brown or black bear, before you camp in a bear city like Colorado or in other city first let know the information center or any ranger station for safety- they can suggest you the right trail also give you maps. Before you a head on camping ask them bear-related tips for your campsite. For safety some areas require bear spray and other don’t also some hikers or campers suggest you it’s use but, in some areas it is not permitted. Hence, it is important to be prepare and take safety measures. Of course outdoor adventure in bear city can still be great.


Bear is only threat for camper, they can scare people in a tent or outside too.  Whereas they aren’t a threat as people perceive them, taking precautions or bear-proof your tent is essential in order to avoid any negative encounter on your outdoor camping. Thus, plan your journey before and reach there before sunset so that you can properly arrange a suitable site for setup your camping. Always be aware of your chosen campsite and there recent bear activity.

Bear Fact:

“When you are camping understanding their behavior and signs are essential. If there are recently clawed trees or trash scattered or any other fresh marks of bears on the site then alter the spot”

Before you begin you adventure read out our bear smart adventure tips. This article can help you to identify and handle every potential threats.

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Tips for Safe Camping

1. Clean Out After Eating

Uneaten scraps of foodstuff on plates and cooking pots emit odor can attract bears. Clean and dry all these stuff and keep them in bag or basket after you finish each meal. Always clean up your campsite as clean areas are less attractive to bears. Also you can use disposal plates so after each meal you can through them in trash bin.….and Tidy up you cooking clothes.

Try to clean your cooking clothes in you have cooked delicious camping meals. Also cooking over fire can emit smell of food that can entice bear to follow and find out food. Be caution in this circumstance. And camp away miles from forest. Make sure to wipe up the spilled or burned food like a burn marshmallow on the fire pit.

2. Avoid Using Scents

Any scented item or product like toothpaste, sunscreen etc. can attract bears- best to keep them away in a bear locker or car. Bears can smell everything that we can’t.….also Avoid camping near berry bushes. Usually, Bears hunt in berry bushes and may approach your tent while foraging around. Hence, avoid camping near berry bushes also clear your campground and leaves or bushes before you setup your tent.

3. Never Camp Near Canals or Ponds

Never choose camping ground between you and thirsty bears. Camping near water resources can be risky due to wildlife freely access to water-better to avoid those areas.

4. Lock up the Car Doors

If you encounter bear call the rangers. Don’t keep smellables in the car, cover up them and lock the doors so that bears don’t approach near the car. You may not know but they can open car doors and damage your car likewise, they also harm unlocked car if there is food inside besides this they can recognize coolers- it would be better to cover them in blanket.

Safety Tips When You Encounter a Bear

  • Initially get advice from campsite hosts before you go. Plan your camping during afternoon also, avoid camping at dawn or dusk at that moment bear are most active and alert.
  • Make noise with bear bells when you are camping or sing, do noisy conversation this can change bear direction and send them away from you.
  • Stay away from bear cubs, run off slowly from that area. Bear cubs are harmless and cute but possibly their mother are near – wait for mother so that you don’t encounter with mom and her cubs.
  • Yes, Bear spray works however, be cautious while using it. It isn’t like mosquito spray – so don’t spray around the campsite, this may affect your eyes and respiratory system even its smell can attract bear so, keep it out from your tent at an arm length. Therefore, learn its use.
  • Generally, bear don’t attack they just look for food possibly, they can bother you in tent. If you keep something tasty food or scented item inside they may attack – follow the bear safety rules and tips, like keep some food in a bear canister this trick can prevent bear approaching toward your tent at while on the adventure.

Final Words

After all said and done, you can never be afraid for your next outdoor camping in bear city. Just follow the tips and always clean your campground, don’t pick scented items so that bear will never have interest in your camping spot. Moreover, if you encounter bear move away slowly and if it attack fight back for your life.

For more tips and advice on bear safety tell us in the comments below!

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