Best 6 Person Instant Tents 2023- [Expert Reviews]

Well, the fun and adventures never ends up, the boundless crazy road journey and the campfire at the beach develops pleasant memories as well as connect people and a tent is always your shelter on the adventure. Instant family tents have taken the world by storm as they are the best alternative to those ancient tents which your grandpa used to have for camping. Actually, I have a lot to tell about these splendid instant family tents most of which can be used for both hiking as well as outdoor gatherings.

Here and now, if you are looking for the best 6 person instant tent, then you have come to the right place. Although quick setup tents have been around for some time but recently 6 person instant family tents have gone off their fame. These tents have become a passion of many peoples and they have created camping as their hobby. Camping is a fun and a quick setup tent saves efforts, that will be when you will have a camping.

Best 6 Person Instant Tents

As far as I know, 6 person instant tents are very easy, you will find them very interesting. Luckily, some brands have manufactured them self-supportive and spacious with amazing features to provide you a safety and comfort. Although I have made a brief list on instant 6 persons instant tents so I would suggest you to go through it. Moreover, I have put those tents that will satisfy your needs, maybe you don’t know that these latest brands are designed to be great at setup and space so you can have memorable camping.

CAMPROS 6 Person Camping Tent Best 6 Person Instant Tent
CAMPROS 6 Person Camping Tent
  • Polyester Fabric
  • Setup: 5 Minutes
  • 6 Person Capacity
  • 4 Season Tent
  • Weight: 12.7 lbs
KAZOO 6 Person Family Camping Tent Best 6 Person Instant Tent
KAZOO 6 Person Family Camping Tent
  • Polyester Fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Capacity: 6 Person
  • 3 Season Tent
  • Weight: 17.8 lbs
Columbia Mammoth Creek 6 Person Cabin Tent Best 6 Person Instant Tent
Columbia Mammoth Creek Cabin Tent
  • Water Resistant
  • For Car Camping
  • Capacity: 6 Person
  • 3 Season Tent
  • Weight: 21.6 lbs

Our Top 8 Best 6 Person Instant Tents

Here is the list of Top 8 Best 6 person instant tents that makes your camping more adventurous due to its easy setup.

  • CAMPROS 6 Person Camping Tent
  • UNP 6 Person Camping Tent
  • Mobihome 6 Person Instant Tent
  • Columbia Mammoth Creek 6 Person Cabin Tent
  • Pacific Pass 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent
  • QUICK UP 6 Person Instant Tent
  • Beesky 6 Person Camping Tent
  • KAZOO 6 Person Family Camping Tent

1. CAMPROS 6 Person Camping Tent

If you want a roomy tent for your family then CAMPROS 6 person camping tent tent is the best for you. With a spacious interior, it can easily fit 6 sleeping bags. The setup is very easy I am honestly telling you, I myself pitched it within 5 minutes, but it will take 3 minutes if your brother or friend will help you to put it down on a place. It can be easily handled by both old and new campers. The camping tent is lightweight so as to have a comfortable adventure. It is specially designed to give you a cozy shelter to refresh your life. This tent has a particular shape and breathable inner even your kids and elders will love it.

Campros camping tent

The fabric is polyester and the pole they use is of fiberglass and to provide you additional support the ropes are inside the tent box so that you can peacefully sit inside the tent during heavy wind or rain and to have an effortless camping. While sitting inside the tent and chitchat with my family I felt nature breathe that remember me of my childhood moments with my parents as the tent has a good air circulating system, one large mesh door, 4 mesh windows, and a mesh ceiling flow fresh air inside the tent. Indeed, it will refresh your mind from your weary lifestyle.

Other than that, it has extra storage pockets that backed me to store my private stuff safe and sound inside the tent, actually every one of my family kept all their stuffs safely in the pockets. As for our barbeque party and to maximize our joy we hooked up a lantern inside the tent’s hook. Also, there is a wire hole if you are using electric power to further shine your camping.

Finally, the polyester waterproof rainfly will keep you dry inside the tent during rainy days. With 4 seasons rating, the tent comes with a carry bag to have a pleasant backpacking.

What We Like
  • Spacious
  • Gear pockets
  • Polyester fabric
What We Don’t Like
  • Heavy

In the end, CAMPROS 6 person camping tent is really a wonderful camping tent and I would recommend you to go for this. Certainly, you will have enjoyable moments with your family or friends. Whether go for hiking or fishing with family it will bring a nice experience.

2. UNP 6 Person Camping Tent

The UNP 6 person camping tent is hands down one of the most famous camping tent. Undoubtedly, the tent is excellent and fully suites your outdoor festivals. In fact, you can use it for any kind of adventure, thanks to UNP’s manufacturer’s they designed it very roomy that 6 persons can easily accommodate in it. Besides, you can comfortably move around because its vertical shaped wall and rectangular floor creates a comfortable height and increase living space.

UNP Camping Tent

The product is made up of polyester and polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating also its fabric is waterproof. To enhance the protection from rain the tent is seam seal so to resist leakage inside the tent. The 4 steel poles and rectangular roof make the tent stable sturdy against changing climate situation and makes it windproof so you wouldn’t face any danger during a heavy storm.

Moreover, the flysheet will more secure the tent’s body. The most interesting part of the tent is when you put rainfly during rainy hours the lower and upper vents work like chimney and boost air circulation as well as reduce condensation such a tent is perfect for 6 persons outdoor camping. All the bug proof mesh vents, door, and a full mesh ceiling are great to keep the interior breathable and stay the bugs out.

Another thing that I enjoyed about this tent on camping is its instant setup. I didn’t require any skill to put in its setup. With my campers, we manage to setup it within 3 minutes. The product comes with a smooth two way zipper and gives privacy and protection. Likewise, it has a mesh pocket for your small camping gadgets and a hook so that you can hang a ceiling fan or torch.

These small knick knacks of the tent will facilitates you while you are busy on other camping stuff. Additionally, this is a 3 season tent, therefore, you can’t use it for winter. However, its easy installation, gear loft, and mesh pockets will assist you to keep your tent organized as well as a carry bag will ease your back to home travel.

What We Like
  • Spacious
  • Tall
  • Weatherproof
What We Don’t Like
  • 3 Seasons

I found it very interesting tent it enhances our joy on camping. It is comfortable for 6 person family outdoor festivals. What else you need to do is to put it on the campsite and enjoy the camping because the tent itself is sturdy that you don’t need to put efforts on its stability.

3. Mobihome 6 Person Instant Tent

The best features of the Mobihome 6 person instant tent is its lightweight and easy and instant setup. This tent has a particular design that one person can easily put up it in a place within a few seconds. You will need to spread poles and open out the side flaps and lock the lower joints the tent is ready. For backpack lock, the poles pull the drawstrings and simply roll it the tent will only take a few minutes. Indeed, a camping tent with a roomy interior makes your journey comfortable and relaxing this tent is very spacious that your family can easily snuggle up.

Mobihome Instant Tent

Further, this 3-season tent has a nice ventilation system. The 2 big mesh ceiling, 3 windows, and a door keep the tent interior breathable also the big mesh are perfect for a night sky view. Moreover, the tent has an exclusive fabric of durable polyester with a waterproof rating plus the heat-sealed seams makes the tent robust against rainwater. Yet the polyester rainfly is fully taped to protect you and keep the interior dry, as well as the fly, can be removed to boost air. In last but not least, Mobihome is ideal for every kind of outdoor it is so lightweight that you can go for hiking, beach camping and very useful for festival camping. Also, the gear pocket will assist to keep organized the tent.

What We Like
  • Easy Setup
  • Spacious
  • 2 Large Top Mesh
What We Don’t Like
  • Only for 3 Seasons

This tent is perfect for family camping it provides a nice ventilation system and I like its top meshes that give a stargaze view while lying inside the tent. Moreover, its fabric is durable and robust to guard against bad weather condition so you can stay comfortably inside the tent. Plus it is very easy to setup for one person as well as very roomy to keep your luggage inside the tent.

4. Columbia Mammoth Creek 6 Person Cabin Tent

Apart from having a spacious interior, this is the best tent for ventilation. Personally, I like its pull out windows to keep myself comfortable during rain also you can enjoy rain view while sitting inside the tent. The pull out vents are framed to maximize ventilation inside the tent for your extra comfort. Also, this will be your best ever camping tent that you will have yes it looks cool and its natural color will excite you to have camping more often. As the tent has a big door and two ground vents as well as, a full mesh ceiling will boost air circulation during warm days.

Columbia Mammoth Creek Cabin Tent

The tent can handle rainy storm and heavy wind however, the material it has for the pole is fiberglass and for more stability, you can fix it with ropes. The tent’s design is focused to give you a comfortable space that your family can easily stay inside the tent and to shine your camping with kinfolks. Trust me it will bring happy moments with your friends too also you can surprise them with its instant setup.

Last but not the least, it will provide you safety and protection. It has a water-resistance rating and the omni-shield coated fabric will defend against water leakage. It will keep you comfortable inside the tent during rainy days the tent has an extra taped seamed layer that protects you. Other than that the fabric material is made up of polyester water repellent property and its tube floor provides extra protection and resists water leakage. Moreover, the storage pockets will help you to keep your electric devices or other camping stuff at a particular place so you wouldn’t loss anything at camping.

What We Like
  • Ground Vents
  • Spacious
  • 2 Pull-out Windows
What We Don’t Like
  • Fiberglass

This tent is a perfect choice for your occasional camping. It keeps a breathable interior if you are searching for a spacious and cool tent for your camping with your friends then only purchase this tent and enjoy relaxing days of adventure.

5. Pacific Pass 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Now here is another 6 person instant tent it look a bit different from others but don’t sweat it this looks like a cabin as well as a dome type tent. This one is a nice looking and pretty standard tent when you put a rainfly on it you will love its style. Being a spacious for your family it provides a cozy interior with a lot of space and I think it’s the best for group camping too. Similarly, you don’t need to concern about space for your gears. Besides, you don’t have to worry about its weight, the carry bag is available for pack up and to ease your traveling.

Pacific Instant Cabin Tent

If you don’t want to deal with tent’s crazy setup like me and desire for quick pitch up tent then you have come to the right place because the pacific pass family tent is pre-assembled to reserve your efforts and enhance your camping enthusiasm. Believe me, I myself give it a try for camping with friends and surprised them with its easy setup. As for its stability, you don’t need to worry as you can equip it with 4 guy lines and with 8 stakes it will stand sturdy against the climate-changing situation.

On other hand, I was mostly concerned about its ventilation, as this tent has comfortable space and easy setup. However, I am amazed with pacific pass smart design that has 4 zippered mesh windows on each side of the wall for ventilation. Plus a D-shaped door to ease your entry and keep the tent fresh and breathable. Personally, I tested it’s waterproof fabric and it doesn’t allow water seepage and stay the tent dry which is perfect. If you suddenly confront with rain shower this oxford fabric tent will give you a pleasant and dry camping.

As for your lantern issue it has a hook at middle of tent so as to hang a lantern or a torch to bright the camping nights. Moreover, if your family is habitual of living in organized space and for that you can use its mesh storage pockets. All in all, this tent is best for you and is only for 3 seasons mean you can’t have it for winter camping.

What We Like
  • Easy Setup
  • Spacious
  • Lantern Hook
What We Don’t Like
  • Only for 3 Seasons

Finally, here is your easy and instant setup tent surely will admire your family and friends. Also, you will get enough pleasure with your family during rainy hours. Moreover, its weight wouldn’t bother your traveling. Indeed, it can be your best tent for outdoor camping, hiking or fishing.

6. QUICK UP 6 Person Instant Tent

Firstly, the tent is built with robust alloy steel frame so you don’t need to worry about its smash up. The fabric is made up of polyester which is sturdy with waterproof rating so you wouldn’t bother with water leakage. The tent floor is watertight and heat sealed seams resist rain water inside the tent. The fully taped rainfly and all the vents and a door are strong against heavy storm and rain so that you can have a pleasant camping all the time. The tent perform very well during sudden down pouring such a durable tent possibly can be the best tent for your family camping.

QUICK UP Instant Tent

Secondly, this high-tech tent is spacious and reliable for your family. The Quick up 6 person instant tent is designed to create some extra space for your luggage too so for that two extra ridge pole maximize its interior so as to fit your air beds as well as you can easily stretch out and move around inside the tent. This sun shelter tent is very light to carry and the carry bag facilitate the outdoor travelling. Weather go to picnic or hiking this will always create beautiful memories on the journey.

In the last but not the least, the tent has unique design with an instant setup. Honestly, I give it a trial at my garage it took only 5 minutes. To make you outdoor precious it is framed in such a way that you need to spread it pull the strings this thing will popup so that you can take some rest after a long hours of traveling. Similarly, its backpacking is very easy so can have enough time for your camping task.

Additionally, it has a versatile design for breathable interior. The door, vents and a micro mesh at top of the tent generate fresh air as well as secure the tent from bugs and provide privacy. To make the tent more stable against heavy wind you can equip it with guy ropes and steel pegs. I really like its multiple gear storage pocket that assisted to keep my private stuff inside the tent and surely, you will love the awning part of tent.

What We Like
  • Good Ventilation System
  • Spacious
  • Multiple Pockets
What We Don’t Like
  • No Lantern Hook

This tent brings excitement, comfort and refresh your mind and sole from your weary days in city. Whenever you do camping with this tent it will give you different experience. Indeed you will have great space for camping tools as well as for your personal stuff so that you can enjoy more your family time.

7. Beesky 6 Person Camping Tent

After arriving at campsite and you might have felt exhausted from long hours of traveling and that means you need an instant setup tent. Don’t worry, this Beesky camping tent is perfect for its dark room that blocks 90% of daylight in such a way that you can comfortably take a cat nap after arriving at your campground.

Beesky Camping Tent

When it comes to easy setup its 2 fiberglass poles makes setup and backpack easy and entertaining. Two persons can quickly and easily setup this tent. I myself setup this tent within 10 minutes but if your friend will add hand to build it then it will be very easy for you. Moreover, for stable and safe tent its fiberglass poles claim of its stability and durability.

Indeed a 4-season family tent with a waterproof rating is what you would be expecting. It is made up of polyester fabric which is tough against rain as well as it is windproof so that you can stay comfortably in the tent. It protects and keeps you dry during rain shower. Of course, the rainfly sheet is enough to protect you as the tent’s 3 sides wall are fully mesh for ventilation so, during unexpected rain you have to cover it with fly otherwise you will be in trouble.

All in all, it’s a wonderful tent and very spacious for your family camping. If you want a comfortable tent to move around easily this dome shape tent is very great for you. It creates extra space for your luggage as well as fits 6 person easily. No worries for the ventilation as the 3 side large mesh walls and a large door are sufficient to keep the tent breathable. As far as I know this is a best for your family. If you have never been at camping before then this is great for you to have luxurious camping because it don’t need particular talent. Also, you can shine your adventure with its electric cord port and organized your camping with gate mat.

What We Like
  • Waterproof
  • Spacious
  • Excellent Ventilation
What We Don’t Like
  • No Lantern Hook

The tent is really wonderful for your camping. Its dark room technology will give you a great experience of outdoor camping. It is very spacious for a family and I am sure with this one you will have good time with your friends and family.

8. KAZOO 6 Person Family Camping Tent

Kazoo 6-person instant tent is a top-notch tent that befits your camping. This professional tent satisfies every outdoor adventure. It is designed to provide you a roomy interior and quick setup of 30 minutes so that you can have enough time for your kids or friends. Its automatic pitch up is quite easy to handle. The tent is like an umbrella and the vertical walls shape it like cabin tent. Besides, the vestibules create extra space for your luggage, as well as 6 persons, can easily accommodate in it.

KAZOO Family Camping Tent

Likewise, the tent is designed to give you splendid camping feel. It comes with two dual zippered doors and two full mesh walls and a full mesh ceiling are excellent to keep tent interior breathable. Apart from this it has a large porch area that is set with poles to make a sunshade so you can take a short nap inside the cozy interior. Moreover, you can cover the tent with fully coverage rainfly during rainy hours.

Finally, the tent is made up of polyester fabric with waterproof rating similarly rainfly sheet is also of same quality. As for its sturdiness the poles are made up of aluminum tent that makes it robust against heavy wind and rain. All in all, the tent is fully seal seamed and an oxford floor fabric are perfect to resist water seepage inside the tent. I love this tent because it is lightweight, incredibly comfortable interior with mesh pockets to keep organize the tent.

What We Like
  • Roomy
  • Easy Setup
  • Full Coverage Rainfly
What We Don’t Like
  • No Lantern Hook

In the end, I like this tent you can also use it for hiking, surfing or any kind of outdoor family festivals. This tent has incredible quick and automatic setup that ease adventure.

What to Look for When Buying a 6 Person Instant Tent

Before deciding on buying 6-person tent think that which tent is best for you and which tent meets your demands? Considering these questions will clarify your main concern of purchasing as well as you will understand exactly which things you want in 6-person tent. Once you make out what you have to look for the 6-person tent buying it will become really easy.

However, if again you can’t perceive and still unsure about which 6-person tent to buy. I recommend you go over the buying tips below.


If space is your priority then before you go ahead for purchasing instant 6 person tent I’d recommend you look for its space and dimension. As a tent dimension create extra space so that you can also put your private stuff inside the tent. Take on board At least, it must create space for extra person or for your pet.

Generally, space is everyone’s priority specially, if you are having a family camping. Surely, it will be your demand so that you can snuggle up as well as your kids can also sleep comfortable. When you are going for family camping possibly, if someone else from your kin knows than there should be some additional space. Also, you don’t want to leave your pet alone at home so you must look for its space.


In my opinion, you should go for 3-Season tents, they are designed to be lighter also you can use it for spring summer and fall besides, they are useful in mid-winter. Usually, they are made up of fiberglass that reduce its weight and equipped with mesh panels for better ventilation. Certainly, while navigating in the market you will find some tents with UV resistance fabric and some with dark room technology. But be sure of its ventilation and waterproof fabric so that you wouldn’t need face with water seepage at camping.

However, if you are a regular camper that you can go for 4 season tent all in all its up to you in which season you are having camping. Finally, it must be of robust frame to bear heavy storm wind or snow. Moreover, a long-lasting frame and fabric will save you money and time so you can camp any time.

Some Key Features:

1. Poles

Easy pole’s structure will ease your setup so that you can have more time of camping fun. The big advantage is that you can pitch it yourself. Some tents don’t need any poles even some are pre-assembled because they are engineered to setup instant as well as to give you stylish camping. On other side many tents use clips, pegs and hooks for stability and some tents don’t need them besides, they are lighter so that you can shake dirt after wind storm.

A part from this some tents are made up of steel and fiberglass poles others are of aluminum. Obviously, aluminum poles are robust as compare to fiberglass and steel. But if you are camping for long time then I will suggest you to go for aluminum tent.

2. Door

Door of a tent is also a thing to think about, multiple doors will assist you for better ventilation as well as facilitate your entrance and exits when you are taking cooking stuff from tent and you don’t need to climb over others for bathroom breaks in the middle of night. Some popup and cabin tents come with double doors but if you concern privacy that don’t go for those tents.

3. Rainfly

A rainfly is very essential part of tent that you can’t skip it protects the inner tent from rain shower. A quality rainfly will provide you extra warmth interior during cold nights. Some tent are with full coverage rainfly in order to provide you full protection and that are important when you are expecting heavy rain on other hand some tents have rainfly that only protect tent’s roof but that doesn’t mean that short rainfly will not protect you as those type of tent are framed different. Al in all, with full coverage rainfly tents you can camp in mid-winter too.

4. Vestibules

These vestibules are small side awnings that are attached in front of tent in order to create extra space so that you can put your muddy stuff on particular place. Vestibules are usually attached on sides of tent or with rainfly but their main purpose is to create extra space. Well it’s up to you how you are using it.

5. Vents

Mesh vents are very important and at least a tent should be with multiple vents so that you feel fresh every time when you enter in the tent. Indeed, a tent with upper and lower vents will regulate airflow and if they are with mesh and zippers. It would be superb because you will get enough privacy as well as a bug free tent. Besides, mesh panels will reduce humidity and condensation during rainy hours.

6. Material

Don’t forget that fabric of a tent is a main thing when you are buying a tent so you must be aware that which fabric is best and durable. In my experience polyester is the best for you because they are waterproof as well as windproof.

7. Accessories

Remember when you purchase a tent you must look for few extra things. Check out its accessories like guyout loops make a tent stable, interior loops to hang light or fan and to keep your tent organize gear lofts pockets and footprint will assist you to have a neat and clean camping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tents are differently designed; it depends on the tent’s shape some dome tents create extra space. As they claim 6 person fits 6 people but for extra it will be close-fitting.

Yes, it performs very well however, if you are expecting a heavy and non-stop rain shower or storm you may need to fix it with hooks and ropes to increase its stability.

I think it will take 2, 3 minutes if you are a beginner and setting all alone. Some tents are preassembled that don’t need any setup probably, these tents took 60 seconds however, popup tents only take 60 sec. or less.


This article covers all essential information with details also explains every feature that you need to know about the best 6 person instant tents that are available on amazon. These top-notch tens are instantly setup on any surface, also they are roomy to create extra space. Before you make final decision, you need to understand all the details to choose one that befits you.

Furthermore, you have a guide that explains everything to look for a tent while purchasing. The buying guide will help you to make your final purchase about the best 6 person instant tent. Therefore, be attentive and make your every penny worth of it.


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