How Much Wind Can A Tent Withstand? (Explained)

Eh! It can resist up to 50 mph wind.

Windy days, it would be lovely to go camping Um! Be sure to take a survival tent for safer nights. Wait! Is your survival tent strong for 50 mph wind? Read out our guide before you leave. Most tents are designed for seasons. They guard against bugs and rain to enjoy your camping.

But are they ok for heavy wind?

Let’s see. Tents have been renovating since years and can easily resist wind less than 20 mph without stakes. Now, if you stake your tent it will resist less than 40 mph. so, will your tent survive above 50 mph up to 70 mph? No, nay!

Simply, a hiking tent for mount. Bear or Mount. Bona a tent like Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Deluxe can’t resist above 50 mph wind. Wind can damage your tent at there. For above 50 mph up to 100 mph you need special tents that are only designed for wind purpose. 25 mph tents can sustain wind without any threat.

How Much Wind Can A Tent Withstand

A Complete Guide to Choose Perfect Tent

Wind Measuring Gadgets

Now, I want to talk about wind measuring gadgets, Um! Monitoring wind speed is important. Don’t forget to keep a digital wind speed meter before you go. When air travels below 25 mph consider it safe for your shelter. Tents like Coleman or Ozark trail can sustain this speed.

The wind speed at the range of 50mph flaps the tent fabric, at this velocity stake your shelter properly. Next, take a Beaufort scale, it was made in 1805 for travelers and sailors. People still use this. You can read it if you are interested. It is a visual observation that helps you and can measure strong storms.

In case, if you don’t care how strong your tent is. Possibly wind can spoil your camping and the best option will be- Oh! Go back to home. 

Best Tents for Heavy Winds

Here are my favorite tents for heavy wind that sustain strong wind (appropriate for both hiking and mountaineering) all are easy and designed with strong material.

Tent that Don’t Survive in Heavy Winds


Indeed, a lightweight tent wouldn’t sustain heavy wind. I will recommend you to avoid these tents for velocity of 50mph. Though they are best or best for rain and space but not for wind.

Avoid these…

Are Pop Up or Canopy Tents Best for Wind?

Yes, they have been tested to withstand wind above 50mph. Pop up tents are designed to provide comfortable shelter in severe weather conditions. The frame material the manufacturer uses is either fiberglass or aluminum. Usually, if you want a canopy under budget aluminum frame is cheap however, strong. But the fiberglass material is the strongest- yet, expensive.

Though the pop up canopy is laborious but great for outdoor as well as for windy beach camping. These pop up canopy tents are best family outdoor and truly made to handle severe weather conditions. However, canopy tents are uncomfortable for heavy rain but are best for wind and can handle 18 to 30mph. These strong frames are the best choice for beach camping, it provides adequate shelter.

Surely, Dome Tents are Better…

Always bring a right tent for camping. Buy one that is particularly designed to sustain strong wind. According to my experience you can bring a dome shape tent. These dome shape shelters are robust with a comfortable ventilation system and are better than cabin style tent tents. So if you have begun your camping, take a spacious dome tent. They might be a little pricey but are aerodynamic ideal for hiking and mountaineering. This higher center tent with a sloping wall handles wind better.

Wait! Don’t Go… Ok. Let’s Repair the Tent

A repair kit is essential. If you experience the worst wind conditions indeed, you never want to go back and bring the best repair kit for this scenario. Oh! You were having fun going through the woods on camping with friends. You were Singing, chanting, telling stories around a fire at night. Alas! Strong gust blew and had ended up this fun Boo! It had damaged your tent.

For next camping bring a tent repair kit, include all equipment to repair a broken tent pole or a zipper with gears. You will find the kit simple but it includes all essential things to make your tent strong. It saves you from buying a tent again. Buy a Gaffa tape if it is not included in your kit. If you identify leaks in your old tent this can solve your problem. Or, in case your fabric tears.

Hey! Don’t Be Afraid… Just Take a Book

Bring a hiking or camping book. If you feel the condition more dangerous you may stay inside the tent until wind stops or you can pack up and go. Again if you make up your mind to stay, turn on headlamp and snuggle in your sleeping bed.

If you are a car camper, use the car as a windbreak. Also you have other natural wind blocks. Set up a trap behind which you can comfortably enjoy camping.

Never Cook Inside the Tent

Ok, now it can be dangerous. It is unwise to use a stove as most tents provide no ventilation. If you are deciding to do it-don’t. During heavy wind at beaches and deserts it would be more difficult to set a campfire particularly by the trees-avoid it. If a spark comes out it would be difficult to control fire. In this condition always Use wind blocks or your body to set fire.  

Heavy Noise Wind? Here are Best Ways to Sleep in Your Tent

Best Ways to Sleep in a tent

Apparently, it is impossible to sleep in your tent during strong wind hours. For this situation I have some suggestions for you. These suggestions are best for car campers or for those who carry accessories on back.

Let Me Tell You in Detail!

Let’s began With Air Mattress

You have varieties of sleeping beds for camping like foam pad, camping cot, inflatable pad and air mattress. They are affordable, some are under 35$ and surge up to 300$. You will have various choices at market as per my experience Coleman quickbed airbed and NEMO Tensor bed are best for insulation. These are lighter, having the best size and material. Get a good quality bed. It warms you in a cool climate.

Buy a Pillow

Yes you have option of camping pillows. Maybe they are costly for you but TETON Sports Camp Pillow is the right choice for camping. It is luxurious. It is extra soft yet small and best for backpacking adventures.

My Experience in Short Time

  • Again you have the best luxurious pillow. If you don’t get time, take your home pillows.
  • If you have old compact pillows, be sure to clean them first. As the mildew smell is not pleasant.
  • Make an instant pillow. Use clothes, put them in a pillow case. You can cover it with your jacket to make it super comfortable.
  • Make your pillow comfortable so that, pillow sound wouldn’t wake you up.

Choose Best Tent Spot

An uneven and lumpy ground is uncomfortable. Even if you choose a perfect sleeping bed the bumpy ground wouldn’t comfy your nights. If possible choose a good location before you ahead.

Temperature Effects

For warm temperature, don’t over dress yourself in sleeping pad. Keep your tent open for fresh breath if possible.

For cool nights, put blanket under your sleeping bed. Read How to stay warm in your tent?

Ear Plug and Eye Mask for Sound Disturbance

Ear plugs are locally available at pharmacy stores. I will suggest you to take one even if you don’t find it necessary.

For an eye mask be sure to buy a comfortable one so it wouldn’t bother your sleep. Take some cool and cute eye masks for your family to have fun.

Mom Camping Ideas

  1. You can do yoga with kids if not, take a deep breath before you sleep. Teach your kids as well.
  2. If yes, tell each other bedtime stories.
  3. Read your kids their favorite book. Bring it along for camping.
  4. Drink a hot coffee or give your kids a hot shake instead.
  5. If you bring a battery and iPhone watch a movie. Download some movies before you leave.
  6. Bugzz and pee trip

Search your tent carefully. Hidden mosquitoes can awake you in the middle night- use mosquito repellent cream.

And avoid drinking water at night. Pee sensation can wake you up.

Setup Your Tent Properly…….Make It Windproof

If you want to setup your tent alone read this.

Heavy wind- unavoidable it can collapse your tent over you. You can’t be able to stop force of Mother Nature. It is silly, isn’t it?

Use instructions, use all the poles that the tent provide. Set it correctly.

Set your tent spot. Use all pegs or use extra for strength. There is guy rope to keep your tent stable. Fix pegs and rope firmly in the campground at the angle of 45°. You can cover your tent with a trap. It is an important thing that you must learn.

Choose Quality Gear

Invest in high-quality gear and make your tent strong. Use heavy duty tent pegs or stakes. Also use guy rope. 

Check out these pegs and stakes:

Take a Small Tent

Before you buy a large tent, you must look for a small tent instead. The small surface area tent will work better in heavy wind.

Tie a Knot

Tie sailor knots on the edges of the tent where the tent is flapping.

Attach a Rainfly

Use a rainfly above your tent, it can protect your tent in heavy wind. Set it on top against wind direction.

Which Way Should a Tent Face in the Wind?

Splash out on a technical tent for a daunting task at camping. Be prepared and pitch your tent properly. But don’t forget to check the weather forecast and make your plans accordingly.

Next, find natural wind blocks like a hide hedge or a side hill. If not, choose your location beside low and thick bushes. Beside this you can build your own stone wall for the worst scenario. For car campers use your car as a windbreak.

Are you going in Summer or Winter?

Yes, if you are going for summer camping, face your tent door toward the wind for ventilation beside, keep your tent small parts open to escape air. Or, it can damage your tent. And to avoid cold nights, set your tent in the opposite direction. Also, it must face away from wind in winter.

My Suggestions

  • For summer camping choose a shaded spot. Eh! Pitch your tent under the tree.
  • Yes, for hiking or mountaineering you need sunlight facing your tent toward the sun.
  • Must check the weather forecast and don’t let rain to spoil your nights.

Wrapping It Up

You know I am a camping coach. I have used every trick to enjoy camping even in forests and mountains. I always check the weather forecast before I leave. As I have lived in an RV as well as out of it therefore, I have shared my experience beside, I have told you all that you need to know for windy weather condition. As long as you follow weather condition you can enjoy your outdoors. 

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