How to Put a Tarp over a Tent in 2023?

When you are setting out far-off places, you may visit an online weather website or may ask from experienced campers about the sudden violent weather of the destined site. How do you protect yourselves from rain and strong wind? Nowadays parachute tents are available or any other waterproof tent. But you must have an extra tarp that may work as a rain barrier. For beginners, it is necessary to understand the relationship of the tent and tarp, because a tarp is an indispensable accessory to provide shelter above the shelter.

How to Put a Tarp over a Tent

Advantages of Tarp over a Tent

The tarp is different material which campers may use for different motives. Though the tarp provides extra cover to the tent in the rain and scorching sunshine. But, there are other advantages of a Tarp too.

  • Tarp is a shelter of a tent as it is a barrier between rain, scorching sunshine, and tent. It keeps the tent cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • It provides not only shelter from rain but also provides shade where you can sit, cook or ignite the protected campfire.
  • You can tie a tarp with plants or poles to make an additional shade to that place where you have erected the tent. In case your tent may break or you forget to bring it then tarp will provide shelter to you.
  • In addition, campers may use the tarp at the floor of tent to make it soft to sit on it, if the ground is moistened or hard where you have erected the tent.

How to Setup a Tarp?

The beginners may know that setting up a tarp, you need accessories after selecting your site. After that campers may watch around the plants from all sides that may work instead of poles or you have brought the poles from your station and keep care that you may not tie your Tarp’s ropes in dry trees. Besides, the dry plants may easily break down in the strong winds. Campers may be sure that the tarp should have a modest slope so water may easily drift away.

Types of Tarps

A-Frame Style Tarp

There are several ways to put a tarp over a tent. Campers may create A-Frame style, which is a very easy and quick method of setting up a tarp over your tent. But, experienced campers have suggested that the A-Frame style provides the best protection. There are different types of tarps such as poly tarps (polyethylene tarps), canvas tarps, truck tarps, mesh tarps, hay tarps, lumber tarps, boat tarps, and so on.

Tarp over a Tent without Trees

If you could not find the plants where you have erected the tent, then how you could put a tarp over a tent. For this campers should learn how to make a shelter with a tarp without trees. For this purpose there are several ways but most important are two:

  1. Use Adjustable Poles
  2. Stalks or Branches

So, after pitching the poles or sticks in the ground, put the tarp over the poles in such a way that the tarp may lean from the sides that rainwater drifts away from the top. After that tie the ropes with the pegs from four sides or tie with heavy stones to make a proper shade.

Tarp Accessories and Knots

Tarp Accessories

Campers may buy a tarp that may cover atleast 5 men’s tents. For the binding of tarp with trees or poles or in the ground, there is a need of the following accessories.

  • Bungees Cords
  • Bail Bungees
  • Rubber Tarp Straps
  • Ratchet Straps
  • Tarp Clamps and Clips
  • Tarp Tape
  • Repair Kit
  • Tarp Rollers
  • Ropes
  • Metal Stakes
  • Canopy Foot Pads, Braces and Connectors


The beginners must know the kinds of knots and how it is tying. There are different kinds of knots but for tent and tarp the best knots are:

  • Timber Hitch Friction Knot
  • Trucker Hitch Knot
  • Tripod Lashing
  • Bowline Knot
  • Alpine Butterfly Loop Knot
  • Taut-Line Hitch Knot
  • Threaded Figure Eight Knot
  • Double Fisherman’s Knot

If the beginners do not know to tie the knot then take advice from experienced campers.


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