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Worst time ever when you forget to test the tent and spend there all the night sleeping outside in dark cold wind. Before hiking or camping in the woods and to avoid awkward and laborious efforts at campsite take time for a test at home so that you can setup the tent well. A tent setup on vacation often ruins camping especially, when you are unfamiliar to the tent camping. So first and foremost, learn to find the suitable smooth spot to pitch your tent on that.

Follow the tent setup instructions then, if you sleep soundly throughout night and if sunshine streaming through the vents of your tent yes, you have a well-pitched tent. Even if you are regular camper or new you will find the tent setup boring and reluctant. But here are few ideas to smooth out this activity. This article can assist and ease every camping.

How To Setup a Tent

Pre camping Tips

Before you hit the road take a test at your garage or backyard in a quite nice environment. It can lower your stress at camping. The worst experience you will get if you learn setup after finishing long day of adventure and even ever worst if it rains. Instead of grabbing parts of tent take the instruction paper in order to prevent any damage and complexities in tent setup. At a time if the tent lacks some pieces you can arrange them before a head on journey. Also a copy of instruction can help you if you lost it.

Decide what things you will need at camping, pack everything and don’t forget to pack footprints for the tent though tent’s ground sheet is robust and heavy duty, but the ground is abrasive hence, an extra layer will protect the tent floor and resist to pool rainwater under the tent- A self-made footprint or a full trap act same as well.

Here are some guideline before setup a tent:

  • Always choose campsite at the elevation of 200 feet from lakes and lagoons.
  • Camp in a wild or reserve a campsite.                                                           
  • Don’t choose activity in shrubbery areas.
  • Search a natural wind breaking camp ground like spot under a tree or a hill between you and the high-speed wind stream.
  • Escape damaged areas where trees are blown down by severe gust of air.
  • Setup the tent’ strongest poles structure on a place facing the wind.
  • Look for a dry less moist campsite to avoid condensation inside the tent.
  • Set the orient doors to avoid rain from moving in.

Tent Setup Tips

Firstly, arrange a trap down. It’s important to put a floor sheet on the ground first when you are pitching your tent. It acts as a barriers between the ground and the floor of tent. It assist to prevent moisture causing by ground. Fold back the longer sides of sheet and place them under the tent so as to avoid pooling of rain water underneath.

Buy a polyester or nylon tent both offer all in one facilities. Set the tent on the floor sheet, position the windows and door in the desired direction, find the base of the tent. Put out all the components of the tent, take out the poles be careful and try to assemble them.

Modern style of tents are pre-assemble means no poles or stake for setup only you have to pull them. Indeed, they will setup in few seconds- easier then old army-style tents. Yet again all depends on you what type of tent you are taking for camping. Some are connect by bungee ropes other or self-popup tents many tents requires poles setup.

Secondly, normally tents have cross poles that forms X. To prepare the tent and insert poles in each flaps of tent fix them correspondingly. Usually every tent has particular design but for cross poles you will connect end of pole to a loophole at each point.

At last but not the least, rise up the tent and probably you may need a partner at this step especially, when you are handling a large family tent so that you can quickly assemble the tent. After that, straighten out the poles you will see they curve on their own. Rise the tent it will look like a chamber.

Yes! After setting it use the stakes ropes or hooks. For a basic tent use metal stakes and fit them via flaps near the ground at side then fix them into the ground-use hammer for dry ground. Make sure not to bend stakes as some are delicate.

In the end, to guard the tent use its rainfly. However some tent lacks it. So it would be good to buy one. Basically a fly will protect you from rain it guard in downpour and act as a shelter in sunshine. Even some tent comes with full coverage rainfly to provide maximum protection.

Final Words

Wrapping up, we camp to slip away from our tiring lives at the city and to breathe ourselves in the open air also to enjoy nature. And for this only one thing can hinder our camping is tent setup. Even you will find it challenging in summer camping if you are newer possibly, you will ruin your trip just because of tent setup. Though it is very easy but needs a trial. For this trouble only one thing you can do is to read instructions carefully. Therefore, learn them take a trial before going for camping. Surely it will be a successful adventure then.


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