How to Stay Warm in a Tent?

Your camping might have end up with shivering here are some tips to stay warm in yourself on the journey. The temperature may drop in any time during night so don’t neglect to take care of yourself on the journey. Either go for backpacking adventure or car camping these tips will help you to stay warm.

Tips for Staying Warm in a Tent

  • A pleasant camping begins with keeping warm. It is essential to stay warm your tent in winter. Before you get out on the adventure make sure to pack all warm cloths, a heater- insulators to keep your tent warm. Cover up and grab extra coat as soon as temperature drop. Likely, at night time during autumn or in mid-winter temperature falls some western countries often be cold or snowy-don’t neglect that it would be fair weather. Hence, always take extra blanket or prefer thermal blankets just in case of cold and chilly nights.
  • Avoid camping on highest points where weather conditions are dangerous. Wisely choose your spot before you plan to head on adventure.
  • Hot water bottle may keep you warm on the trail-use stove or kettle to warm it for night. Don’t go to bed cold use a heating pad tuck it right by your belly- an easy way to keep the bed warm.
  • Eat healthy and hot food. Enjoy your adventure with campfire pizza consume calories without any guilt. Go for high fat meals butter, cheese in order to keep your body warm enough in winter when you set out for hiking. Your body may need 6,000 calories per day if you camp at high altitude. Also a coffee for chilly nights.
  • Wisely choose your tent-a big one doesn’t work in winter. Take a small tent for 2 person on the camping trip. Large tents are only comfortable for large family camping. With more people the space remains warm on the contrary, a big tent with fewer will be cooler. Choose a Canvas or Polycotton tent as they are insulated and better for winter or autumn.
  • Don’t pack stylish pajamas keep it simple and warm! Arrange zip up hoodies in winter. Thermal undergarments and/or an insulated jacket would be best for cold nights. For your feet choose boot rather than shoes. Winter can be sunny would burn your skin if you put on many cloths make sure to use some lighter jacket and other stuff on those day.
  • Buy a right kind of bed in chilly night because you wouldn’t be able sleep in cheap sleeping bag-save them for summer. It must be an insulated one besides, see its season rating. Also a compact mummy bag is a best selection as they are designed to keep you comfortable and warm during cold nights.
  • Buy a tent with insulated ground floor- canvas and polyester are best. They are designed to keep tent warm and most preferable for winter. Its walls and floor has insulation property so that you don’t need rugs or carpet. On other hand cheap carpets and rugs can work as insulating layer and keep the ground sheet warm so that you won’t step on cold floor.
  • Use technology! Winter camping should be worth of investment! Innovative synthetic sleeping bag are supper at trapping heat- the best choice for luxurious family camping.
  • Portable electric heater are available in market but you have to be cautious in using them-follow the instructions. Don’t worry they are designed to use inside the tent only. Generally every type of heater should be turn off while sleeping as you can’t on them for long hours. Here you have to do same as it is recommended on the label shut it before you sleep.
  • Ventilation! It sound silly but there is a reason for it. You may don’t realize but your close tent at night can be the reason condensation. our body heat and breathe may damp your tent interior. If you sweat in cold nights you become chilly surely, you won’t die on the adventure but probably caught up cold. Thereby keep ventilate and dry your tent to avoid this trouble. It help you to stay warm throughout the night.
  • Heat rocks is another method to insulate your tent. Heat some rocks till they hot let them cool not more yet warm wrap them in towel and put them at the bottom of sleeping bag. Moreover, you can set them in middle of tent but avoid this trick if you are new camper or with kids.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I have put all different ways to stay warm at camping. Possibly you have tried some. But if you are going for first time these tips will help you on the trail and are paramount to a best tent camping experience.


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