How To Build a Campfire?

In a cool season, especially in the night, there is a dire need for a campfire to sit around it. A campfire provides campers light and warmth, and heat for cooking. Campfire restricts the insects and predators. In the summer season, the campfire is mainly used for cooking and tea. So, you need to know about how to build a campfire. Most of the campers sit around the campfire with beverages, drinks and sing in chorus. Campers have to follow guidelines to learn from the experienced seniors, what kind of hazardous incidents have been taken place.


Tips for Building a Campfire

Campfire is not difficult, it is an enjoyable moment specially when you are camping in Winter. But, you will need campfire if you are camping in winter or summer for cooking purpose. So, here are some tips to build a campfire.

1. Before Lighting a Campfire

Look over the ground first, there will be no pits in the ground. If there is any pit in the ground, sprinkle it with dust. There should be no grass, dust, or gravel. The ground should not be damp or wet.

2. To Build a Campfire

If the area is in a controlled authority, then lit a campfire on a designated place. If you are in an open area, then dug a trench or pit according to your idea. In a neat and tidy but smooth ground, dug a trench that will be nearly 30 centimeters deep. Keep away the flammable material up to 3 meters round about the campfire.

The campfire’s area should not occupy more than 1 square meter. Your campfire should be 10 to 20 feet away from trees and shrubs. Sit around the campfire and ignite the fire. You may use dry wood. Remember that there are many kinds of wood like logs, branches, and twigs. Most of the campers use dry leaves or grass too.

3. Look after Fire

When you lit a campfire, do not take leaves, twigs, and branches from living trees. Logs, twigs, and leaves of living trees make a lot of smoke. This smoke perturbs you much time and damages the environment too.

4. Fire Safety

When you ignite fire into flames, keep shovel and water very close. Watch that no one is present nearby the fire. Keep away your children and pets. Do not leave children and pets alone near the fire. Know proper usage to prevent wildfire equipments, learning campfire safety, or take a guide from seniors.

5. Physical Distance

When you sit around the fire, keep physical distance from it. And when you extinguish the fire, which is necessary, keep distance too.

6. Windy and Dry Season

Beware of the windy and dry season. It is an easy task to burn dry logs, branches, twigs, and leaves. It is very difficult to control its fire because it spreads out easily and uncontrollably during windy and dry days.

7. Extinguish Fire before Sleeping

Before going to a sound sleep or leaving the campfire site, extinguish the fire completely. For extinguishing the fire, use a fire extinguisher or pour water on fire, charcoal, and ashes. Still, watch carefully that wood and coals are wet from all sides or not. If you feel, doubt that fire may lit again, put a dust on the fire pit or trench. Make sure in the last that there is no smoldering.


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