How to Plan a Camping Trip?

Camping trip is such a thing where relationship develops even unknown people become friend and friendship stay forever. Dark night, warm fire and bright star are perfect therapy for anxiety. So do camping, leave the hustle and bustle of the big city, and come back to nature where you can spend all your nights under heavens.

But, before you start, always make a plan how to start and what stuff you need on journey so that you can enjoy your camping as it should be. Also a lot of things you need to know like which tent to buy? How to find a perfect location for camping? How to prepare for weather conditions? This article will guide you for a wonderful camping adventure.

How To Plan A Camping Trip

Planning a Camping Trip

1. Decide your Campsite and Check its Amenities

Initially, you need to understand what kind of camping you want to do either fishing, hiking or backpacking. With every camping you will get different experience, for backpacking you have to keep it lightweight as you can’t carry more stuff on your back.  But for car camping surely you can carry loaded stuff. Hiking can be icy and rocky. Every country is blessed with nature yet, some are even more pleasant for camping and offer best camping opportunities. You have parks, beaches or prefer a camper van or RV every camping has its own enjoyment.

Simply, you will need a tent for beaching or park camping besides, you have to pack all necessary stuff but for RV there is no need of tents or other stuff. RV is a kind of luxurious camping and it has everything that you need on the trip. All you have to find is a legal campsite or you can reserve it so that, you can spend peaceful nights otherwise, you will get a truck drivers rest place where you will listen noisy generators all night. 

If you pay for campsite you can get toilet and picnic amenities what’s more you can carry more stuff certainly, you have to share campground with others – but it must be in comfortable way. The minute you arrive you can’t rely on internet for grocery store or where the hiking ways are. Once you determine your location check what facilities and activities are available near? So that you can pack all your essential stuff moreover, it will help and ease your journey.

2. Plan your Eating Stuff

What could be more interesting than camp cooking! To make your camping a breeze you have to rely on frozen foods or prepared food or else you can carry a small camping stove to enjoy hot meat or coffee. Besides, look for some instant and easy meal ideas from internet like campfire nachos or BBQ grills recipes. It would be perfect if you get a picnic table nearby since, you can’t carry loaded stuff but if you are a car or RV camper you can bring folding table so that you can dice or slice your meal stuff for a big delicious dinner party. Keep in mind if you are relying on frozen or perishable foods then be sure to get enough ice to preserve it in your cooler before the food goes off.

Possibly, it might be difficult to handle stove’s temperature at camping as a result your undercooked food can cause food poisoning. Likely regular camper can easily deal with campfire. But if you are determined on cooking over fire you have to arrange some dry wood as during humid or rainy condition likely, you wouldn’t get a fire, in this condition only you can do is cook under a trap on a picnic table. Otherwise, go with ready to eat foods and enjoy chilly night hours.

3. Weather Protection is Necessary

Weather change but it doesn’t mean to let it mess up your camping trip. Here are some ideas to stay happy in the rain. It would be good to pack waterproof jacket so that you stay dry during rain if not, the drenched clothes can create condensation inside the tent. Likely then you will feel uncomfortable and cold. Take a Bivy bag. It will protect your sleeping bag from getting moister and warm the tent interior when ground is wet. A bathtub floor tent will help you to stay safe and dry inside.

Set a clothesline string under a trap or tent’s porches in order to hang your all wet stuff. Have some hot food. A hot coffee or a campfire pizza will keep you warn during rain. Chopse a little high altitude campsite so that you can get a morning sun scenic and a dry ground after downpour. Possibly, you may find frozen bottle after overnight rain for this trouble flip the water bottle so the bottom freeze instead of top.

In this way at least can get few sips of water in the morning. Finally, a trap shelter can always assist you in every way. It can protect your gears and other elements of camping it would be better if you can get one.

4. Test your Camping Stuff

Then, if you are determined to do camping test the stuff some days before you leave to assure all are working properly. Try to set your tent first at the backyard so that it wouldn’t bother you at campground. Check the tent’s seams or apply some coatings so it don’t let water inside the tent or be sure about sleeping pad are good enough so they don’t leak air.

Also your headlamp, camping stove work properly beside this don’t forget to stock your first aid kit. Probably, you find it a drag but spending some time in testing gear will save your time and frustration when you ahead at campsite. in this way you will have more time to explore your adventure.

5. Prepare a Packing List

Camping trip checklist is foremost and important- make sure to list all stuff you need to bring. Obviously, a tent is basic need but if you want to sleep on the ground a sleeping pad is necessary. To enjoy a good time at camping you have to ready all things such as cooking stuff like stove and food certainly, a lighter will assist to build a fire.

Once you a head for camping trip, possibly amenities will not available on the wild so before you get out absolutely a lantern and a bug’s spray- must have for camping. Again if you are car or RV camper you can bring a lot of items- all clothes, folding table or sleeping mattress. Check and be sure of everything, cross the stuff off as you backpack them. Now you are all ready to go for camping!


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