Top 7 Types of Camping Tents

For camping and hiking, there are different types of tents, with different shapes, sizes, and weights. The tents were made out of the thick canvas. Nowadays the tents are made from different materials and even synthetic too. Although their weight is different, from lighter to heavier, according to different areas and climates.

Types of Camping Tents

One can select his tent according to his choice or where he intends to visit, either in African forest or in the South Asian mountains and planes or middle east countries. There are several types of camping tents, but out of all here the seven types of camping tents are mentioned.

There are different types of tents but here only seven types of tents are mentioned that are dome tent, A-frame tent, multi-room tent, backpacking tent, tunnel tent, cabin tent and popup tent.

1. Dome Tent

The dome shape tent is very common and has an attractive design than the others. This tent is made up of cotton, polyester, or polycotton. Its range is to accommodate single to eight persons. Dome shape tent is soft to live in because of it’s heat and rain resistance. This tent is with flexible poles that crossed in the center and are anchored to the corners of the tent. The Dome Shape tent is convenient in the remote African forests, Sahara Desert, or the coldest region of northern Europe.

Dome Tents Types of camping tents

The durability and softness at some extent that campaigners feel secure inside it. The Dome shape tent is lighter than others and it is easy to pitch on the ground and it is so tight that air cannot inflate. As the same rain splashes cannot bother the campaigners.

2. A-Frame Tent

Traditionally A-Frame tent is made of thick canvas, and it is heavy when wrapped. To facilitate the campaigner’s company manufactures it in a way that it is lighter and doesn’t bother its owner. The tent is very easy to pitch in the ground because it stretches over a horizontal pole and is supported by a vertical pole at each end. This makes the tent very stable that it cannot rout out. Previously the poles were made out of bamboo, but nowadays, these are made of aluminum, but these poles possess high strength to bear the weight of canvas and the currents of wind and are very easy to carry.

A- Frame Tent

A-Frame tent is very simple, but it resists the strong currents of wind and it is waterproof to make the campaigners comfortable. A-Frame tent accommodates people according to its size. Previously, this tent accommodated more than twenty people, but nowadays, two people only but tents are available for more than two people, according to the campaigner’s need.

3. Multi-Room Tent

When families move to the campaign, there is a need for a large tent that accommodates the whole family in a single tent. For this, the best choice is a multi-room tent that provides big space but with multiple rooms too. Traditionally this tent is made out of thick canvas and needs practice while pitching in the ground because sometimes it bothers, and this is its drawback. But now wind and rain splashes are not an issue though it is straightforward and lighter to carry that’s why it is the first choice of families.

Multi room tents types of camping tents

4. Backpacking Tent

A backpacking tent is smaller in size than others and lighter in weight but the best choice for long-distance campaigners. The backpacking tent accommodates one or two persons only because of its size. It has fewer poles but a low ceiling and limited capacity with a small packed size. It is very easy to pitch. That’s why it is the best choice for singles as well as for couplets.

Backpacking tents types of camping tents

5. Tunnel Tent

The tunnel tent is cylindrical and longer than others but similar to the dome shape tent. The tunnel tent needs additional support from the outside with the ropes to pitch in the ground for its stability and strength. It is rarely pitched without ropes or a free-standing position. The tunnel tent has great space. It accommodates six persons at a time because of its ample space. Above all, it is easy to set up and has resistance against the strong wind and rain.

Tunnel Tents Types of camping tents

6. Cabin Tent

Campaigners need such a tent which is very easy to pitch in the ground and bother not to raise above the ground. A cabin tent takes 1 or 2 minutes to erect because the poles are attached to it, and one can simply take it out of the box or pull it up. The cabin tent has more space inside to move around, and it has a higher center than the others. The cabin tent is used for various purposes viz recreation, exploration, military purposes, and is best for public gatherings.

Cabin Tents Types of camping tents

When public gatherings crop up in the cabin tent, these will be a circus, religious services, theatrical activities, and cattle exhibitions. This type of cabin tent takes 15 to 20 minutes for pitching and erection. The cabin tent resists the wind currents and rain. Cabin tents are very comfortable for campaigners because of their size, strength, height, and breadth.

7. Pop-Up Tent

The pop-up tent is very comfortable, spacious, and easy to pitch. Due to its size and comfort, the new campaigners choose it quickly. The pop-up tent is resembled with a good shelter like marquees but without walls. Pop-up tents are often used for different festivities, sport, and trade purposes. It accommodates two to five persons, but it suits two-person very well.

Popup Tent

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